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International Cartographic Conference 2013

Dear Geofriends,

in august 2013 the International Cartographic Conference (>> official page) will be held in Dresden (Germany). Cartographers, GIS experts and cartography/GIS interested people from all continents will meet in this beautiful place to discuss 37 different topics.

There are a lot of benefits participating the conference:

  • for sure, you will meet a lot of people who are known from books as their authors
  • you will have the chance to organize your next internship abroad face to face
  • hopefully, you will meet a lot of young people from across the globe with the same interests you have
  • you will visit one of the most beautiful german cities and surrounding places during organized exkursions

Furthermore, especially for guests from other continents, the conference can be a perfect starting point for visiting Central Europe.  The destinations Berlin and Prag are less than 200 km away, to Vienna it is less than 500 km and to Wrocław, the lovely capital of Silesia it is 250 km. You can easily combine cartography with some gems of Central Europe.

One more very important point, only for students or young people < 30 years old:
Please take part in this following poll. We would like to know how many of you students or young people plan to participate the conference and what you are able to pay for the registration.

Do you plan to participate in the International Cartographic Conference 2013 in Dresden?

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Do you study in Germany?

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See you in Dresden 2013!

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